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+ Is this service legal?
  • Yes, here at Tax Debts we will use our acquired knowledge of HM Revenue & Customs procedures to assist with a ‘Time to Pay’ plan. We use HM Revenue & Customs own guidelines to carry this out and we work under a strict charter and help tax payers who can’t pay the tax rather than somebody who won’t pay.
+ How would this service affect my property?
  • With our help your property need not be affected, If you have assets such as a home or other property with equity, with our experience we prevent any repossession action from occurring. Once we have an agreement in place as long as you keep up payments your property will be safe.
+ Why doesn’t my accountant do this for me?
  • Your accountant is able to assist with this service but usually doesn’t choose to speak to HMRC with regards to their clients who cannot pay their tax liabilities.
+ Do you take over my Accountants duties?
  • No, not at all, once on board our plan, we assist with a tax debt only and our authority form runs alongside the accountants’ and we compliment their work by dealing with this one aspect of a customers requirements.
+ Will this have an effect on my credit rating?
  • The short answer to this is NO, as this is not a regulated credit agreement it will not affect your credit rating, although not paying your tax liabilities at all could result in bankruptcy or a winding up petition.
+ Why should I pay for this service?
  • Here at Tax Debts you will have specialist help when dealing with HM Revenue & Customs and our staff use their extensive knowledge to deal with them on a daily basis which will allow you to carry on with your own business and making money
+ Will this affect my relationship with HMRC?
  • By using Tax Debts for a ‘Time to Pay’ plan, this will not affect your relationship with HMRC or your statutory rights. All of our plans are agreed with HMRC on a case by case basis.
+ Once I have accepted your help do I have to speak to HMRC regarding this debt?
  • The good news is NO! Once we have your signed authority we will deal directly with HMRC on your behalf.
+ Are you putting me in further debt?
  • We are not giving you a lump sum of money to pay off HMRC, it is our aim to see you debt free with HMRC. You are not robbing Peter to pay Paul, we help with your current tax debt and also where appropriate factor in the tax debt for your ongoing liabilities so you will never experience this problem again.