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Tax Debts are a specialised company who assist self-employed or former self employed people who owe money to the inland revenue. For many taxpayers, particularly the self-employed, a dramatic change in circumstances can cause financial difficulties. Tax bills are a legal priority and are amongst the main debts people struggle with when they have had a financial problem occur. Let us see if we can help you get a tax debt solution today.

We Could Stop The Following Action

  • Distraint Proceedings
  • County Court Proceedings
  • Winding Up Petitions
  • Bankruptcy

Remember, HM Revenue & Customs can pursue legal action against unpaid liabilities.

TaxDebts Latest News

Time to Consider, Time to Pay HMRC

When discussing tax, it’s difficult to resist making a reference to the ‘two certainties’ in life, one of which is paying tax and the other even more unfortunate! If, for now, we concern ourselves with the former – why is it that the Treasury still suffers from outstanding tax liabilities,…

DWP and HMRC told to tackle benefit fraud and error after Concentrix fiasco

The DWP and HMRC need clearer plans to reduce fraud and error in the benefits and tax credits systems in the wake of the collapsed contract with Concentrix, the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) declared today. A report published by the PAC also criticised the government’s delays in the roll-out of Universal…

Tax Funding Available

Benefits of using a Tax Funding Facility through Tax Debts: Fixed Term & Rate – For ease of budgeting and to minimise impact on cash flow Finance can be rolled over – This allows future tax liabilities to be funded too Should you be unsuccessful in gaining funding – A…

HMRC’s approach to collecting tax from high net worth individuals

HMRC estimate that its specialist unit dedicated to collecting tax from high net worth individuals raised £416m from its compliance work with this group in 2015-16 according to a report today by the National Audit Office (NAO). This is separate from tax already voluntarily declared by these individuals. As this…

HMRC investigating £1.9bn in potential tax avoidance by super-rich

The taxman is now targeting Britain’s wealthiest people and have identified potential evasion and avoidance that is estimated to be worth £2billion. However the taxman have pursued only one successful criminal prosecution, a National Audit Office report reveals. It says the tax affairs of 6,500 super-rich individuals, each worth more…

Car dealer sentenced for avoiding £113000 in tax

A CAR dealer who avoided paying £113,000 in tax has been sentenced. Rashid Moughal, aged 45, of Gigg Lane Bury, was sentenced to 22 months jail suspended for two years on Friday, after admitting evading £113,000 by under declaring his income and not paying VAT on sales of second-hand vehicles…

Mr Singh

Mr Singh owed over £60,000 to HMRC. With the help of TaxDebts we managed to organise a Time to pay option and kept Mr Singhs business trading giving him the full peace of mind that he needed to focus on his business.