Information and guidance about how to handle your tax debts.

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Negotiating Time to Pay with HMRC

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In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, and with the furlough scheme coming to an end, businesses across the UK are facing serious financial difficulties. This is why the prospect of negotiating Time to Pay [...]

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How to Respond to a Statutory Demand

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Receiving a statutory demand should be considered a serious red-flag for you and your business. It is a clear sign that your company could be headed for serious financial issues that will need to be [...]

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The Consequences of a Winding Up Petition

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A winding up petition is a clear indicator that your business is operating inefficiently or inappropriately. It is the clearest indicator that a business is in financial difficulty, and can be the beginning of a [...]

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Can You Negotiate With HMRC?

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When it comes to being a business owner, routinely making payments to Her Majesty's Revenue & Customs (HMRC) is a given.  However, it’s not uncommon for businesses to fall behind on payments and amass larger [...]

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How to Stop a Winding Up Petition

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One of the most severe actions a creditor can possibly take against a business, a winding up petition can easily turn into a winding up order, and lead to the quick closure of a business [...]