Helping company directors from becoming liable for their company’s debts.

Protecting Company Directors From Assuming Liability

Company directors shoulder a lot of responsibilities and must act in the best interests of their company, its employees, clients, customers and shareholders. By running as a Private Limited Company, the business will be seen as a separate legal entity from those who run it, which can protect a director from taking personal responsibility if the company runs into financial issues and can’t pay off its debts.

In the event a company is insolvent, directors must act in the interests of creditors. If a director fails to do this, they may be subjected to personal liabilities and can even be disqualified from acting as a director with another company in the future.

The liabilities of a director can cause a lot of stress and worry if you’re being held personally responsible. We understand that it can be difficult for directors when their business is going through a financially tough time, but if you’re concerned about being liable for its debts, you should speak to an expert straight away to mitigate the risk of being held responsible.

We know each business operates in a unique way, so what’s worked for one company may not work for yours. This is why we explore every viable option and work to keep these paths open to you while you decide which is the best one to take.

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Facing a significant tax bill can be daunting, especially for company directors who feel they may be held responsible for the debt. At TaxDebts, we take the time to understand your financial situation in its entirety, and we’ll look at all the options available to you. We know the situation is a difficult one, which is why when exploring the best route for you to take, we will explain each possibility in a straightforward manner. Our experts will give you their best advice and will stand by your side when you have chosen the right path for you and your business.


Our Aim

We never lose sight of the fact we’re working for you. In business, there are usually a few different routes to take, and when it comes to understanding the liabilities of directors, we understand you’ll want to explore every avenue. Our goal is to keep these paths open to you for as long as possible, so you can take some time to evaluate how to best move forward. Once the right option becomes clear to you, we will follow your instructions to the best of our ability.

The Code We Work By

A struggling business is something we hate to see, especially when the director could become liable for the issues at hand. When you’re working for the benefit of your company, we follow suit with our services. The TaxDebts team is made up of dedicated professionals who have a thorough understanding of liability problems. We work hard to help you solve them.