Working with the very best so our service excels.

Across the UK, there are circa 6 million private businesses, all of which have an impact on their community, supply chain, associated services ETC.

No one organisation can seriously lay claim to be experts in every field. TaxDebts do not either, our expertise lies in 25 years of experience helping businesses to navigate the pitfalls of negotiating with HMRC for a “Time to Pay”  arrangement or being subject to insolvency proceedings instigated by HMRC.

In supporting our clients, both new and old we welcome the necessity of working alongside their existing advisors. It is true to say that when a business is in distress, the knock-on effect can be felt in many more ways than one and by virtue of this Accountants, Solicitors and other Advisers are required to collaborate.

In many instances, our work alongside other professionals has led to ‘Strategic Partnerships’ that can go beyond the remit of the formative client which forged the initial collaboration.

We welcome mutually beneficial relationships that go beyond one event!

For Solicitors

TaxDebts offers a tailored service for practices that may not possess the experience, or indeed desire to deal with insolvency matters, yet wish to remain involved in their clients best interests. For example, we offer prompt service for Validation Orders, Recisions and Dismissals.

For Accountants

TaxDebts works under appropriate 64:8 authority which does not usurp any other such authority, thereby enabling us to focus on an enforceable debt, without stepping on toes and allowing the clients accountant to do their thing!


Become a Partner

If you have a client that is currently experiencing a Tax issue, showing signs of distress or if you are just interested in Partnering opportunities please contact us at partners@taxdebts.co.uk or use the contact feature.