Client Charter

    1. TaxDebts is a specialist company who assist taxpayers in the management and settlement of tax debts with HMRC (HM Revenue & Customs)


    1. TaxDebts has established (through its client acceptance procedures) by full, in-depth investigation that all clients accepted by TaxDebts are in genuine financial difficulty, and as such are unable to meet their outstanding commitments without further assistance (i.e. ‘can’t pay’, as opposed to ‘won’t pay’).


    1. TaxDebts undertakes to fully cooperate with HMRC on behalf of taxpayers who approach us with tax arrears. We will use our best endeavours at all times to liaise with HMRC and arrange for the repayment of client tax arrears in terms which are acceptable to HMRC and the client.


    1. As part of its terms and conditions, TaxDebts requires its taxpayer clients to agree to honour the terms of any tax debt repayment schedules agreed with HMRC. However:
      1. if for any reason the taxpayer is unable to meet one or more agreed payments of tax arrears, the taxpayer is required to notify TaxDebts as soon as is reasonably practicable. In this event, we will notify HMRC as soon as possible, and will use our best endeavours to ensure that the matter is resolved to the satisfaction of HMRC; and
      2. default by the taxpayer in complying with their repayment schedule without good cause will result in our contract with the taxpayer being terminated immediately.


  1. In consideration of TaxDebts fully cooperating with HMRC in collecting outstanding tax debts, TaxDebts asks that HMRC will:
    1. communicate with TaxDebts on the taxpayer’s behalf upon submission of a valid authority form 64-8;
    2. accept any income and expenditure statements submitted on the taxpayer’s behalf as being a true and fair reflection of the information provided by them to TaxDebts;
    3. respond as quickly and fully as possible to any contact made by TaxDebts in any proposal to settle outstanding taxpayer arrears; and
    4. communicate any changes in HMRC policy and approach to the collection of tax arrears, either globally or on an individual taxpayer basis.


  2. The purpose of this Charter is for TaxDebts to provide assurances to HMRC as to the standard of service it can expect in any dealings with TaxDebts. TaxDebts acknowledges that HMRC cannot endorse the debt management services provided by TaxDebts. Should the standards of any TaxDebts adviser fall below those outlined in this Charter, HMRC are requested to contact Lisa Tabor in the first instance.