Exploring all the viable options when your company bank account is frozen.

Regain Access to a Frozen Company Bank Account

Your company bank account may be frozen for a variety of different reasons, such as breaching your credit agreement or having a freezing order obtained by a creditor. A Winding Up Petition (WUP) generally would be issued against a limited company, subsequently leading to it being advertised in The London Gazette and your account being frozen.

We understand that having your company bank account frozen is incredibly stressful, particularly if you have staff who need to be paid, or you’re expecting payment for products/services rendered. Our Company Account Unfreezing service can provide you with the means to re-access your account pending an application for a Validation Order from the High Court.

Our experts have successfully gained Validation Orders for a number of different clients across various sectors, ensuring they could continue trading to keep further financial distress at bay.

Your business is unique, and we know it takes in-depth knowledge to fully understand your circumstances. This is why the TaxDebts team will take the time to go through your situation thoroughly. Our extensive knowledge and experience mean we are in the best position to find the right solution if your company bank account is frozen.

Our Promise

  • Our initial advice is free
  • We charge by the job. This means you don’t have to pay a high hourly rate for our services
  • We’re on hand whenever you need us, including weekends and Bank Holidays
  • Your personal stake and reputation takes priority
  • TaxDebts promises to work in your best interests

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Our Approach

Understanding Your Needs

At TaxDebts, we understand that having your company bank account frozen can come as quite a shock and can be potentially detrimental to your business. However, we know from our years of experience that a frozen account doesn’t necessarily mean your business has to be separated from its funds. We’ll take a look at every option that’s open to you and explain which choice is the most viable. No matter whether you decide to dispute a WUP, apply for a CVA, or go into voluntary liquidation, we will provide you with all the help and support you need.


Our Goal

In business, it’s important to have as many options available as possible. This gives you the opportunity to find the most suitable route to take, creating the potential to keep your business trading and to stop you from going further into debt. We’ll keep as many options open for you as possible, and with our expert guidance, you can choose which path is right for you and the business. Once you give us our instructions, we’ll carry them out to the letter.

Our Values

TaxDebts never wants to see a business struggle. We believe in helping businesses grow to their full potential, and having your company bank account frozen hinders progress. Through our team of dedicated professionals, we’ll work our hardest to remove the restrictions placed on your account, so you can continue to trade and get your company back on the right track.