If a judge has decided to make your company insolvent, you have to act fast. Find out how TaxDebts can support you through this process.

Why Rescissions Are Important

If a judge decides that there is no alternative but to declare your business insolvent and pass a winding up order, you are clearly in an incredibly serious position. The future of the company you have worked so hard to build is now hanging by a thread and you are no longer an executive officer. You must act quickly and decisively.

We understand that if you are facing insolvency, it is tempting to give up entirely. However, there may still be a light at the end of the tunnel that could help you keep your business. 

Once insolvency has been declared, a Rescission can reverse this decision if you apply for one within seven working days. Using this time wisely is crucial to rescuing your business. 

TaxDebts can provide you with expert guidance through this crucial time. We will handle the entire process on your behalf, so you can get the breathing space that you will undoubtedly need. No matter your situation, we will endeavour to put your best interests before anything else – so you can always rely on us to be on your side.

Our Promise

  • We charge a flat fee per instruction – keeping you in control
  • We will always support your decisions
  • We endeavour to put your needs before your company
  • Our initial consultation is free of charge 
  • You can rely on us every step of the way

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Our Approach

Learn About You

It is important to realise that there is no magic cure for a business that is in financial distress. You first of all need to conduct a thorough analysis of the situation and then work out the best course of action. This is exactly the procedure that TaxDebts follows. We will take the time to understand you and your company, then use our expertise to recommend the right solution for you. With us, you can rest assured that you have somebody in your corner who has your best interests at heart.


Take Care of Everything

During the rescissions process, it is necessary to prepare a bundle for the court and provide a defence as to why the business should not be liquidated. You will also need to pay all of your debts, or at least enough to satisfy your creditors. This is incredibly time-consuming and stressful, especially when you already have so much to deal with. TaxDebts will take over the entire process for you and even represent you in court – giving you peace of mind that everything is being taken care of.

Support Whenever Needed

Although the rescission process has an incredibly tight deadline, we understand that you may want to be in constant contact with us during this period. That is why our expert team is available to provide assistance whenever it is required. This includes both weekends and Bank Holidays. At TaxDebts, our priority is to give you total peace of mind that your situation is being handled by somebody who cares – leaving you free to concentrate on other matters.