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Tax Debts has been established for over a decade now and take’s pride in the fact that  as a company we can offer the best advice to a client who is seeking help with debts to HMRC,either as an individual or as a company  We believe that you & your business come first.

Our advisor’s will take you through a simple assessment process, which will enable us to establish the appropriate  course of action in order to secure a ‘Time to Pay’ arrangement and avoid Enforcement Action.

The service offered by Tax Debts is specifically designed to protect, where appropriate, those individuals and entities whom ‘can’t pay’ outstanding tax Liabilities in full or on time. Over the years we have managed millions of pounds worth of liabilities and successfully assisted hundreds of clients in avoiding further action from HMRC.

The first step is to talk through your circumstances with an Advisor whom will be able to identify the best way forward. Once the fact find has been completed you will receive a ‘Client Pack’ detailing information specific to your proposal. We also assure you that we adhere to all aspects of the Data Protection Act. We would want you to know that we value our clients & you will be looked after in a professional, compassionate & confidential manner.

HMRC causing Problems For Your business?

Each year we witness the same old problems again and again. As corporate debt specialists we see countless winding up orders and bankruptcies in favour of HM Revenue and Customs, in fact in excess of half of the bankruptcy petitions issued in the UK each year are initiated by HMRC.

Its not just the money which is owed but the time which is spent by the directors and leaders of these companies in dealing with the revenue, which saps the company of its vitality, drive and ability to survive.

Here at TaxDebts we specialise in relieving the burden from the people who are the driving force of the companies with tax problems, negotiating payment plans with the revenue, keeping court or distrait actions at bay and allowing those talented individuals to concentrate on what they are best at. Running the company.

Do you have any of these problems?iStock_000013692036_Large-1024x685

 PAYE Arrears?

Corporation Tax Problems?

Late Accounts Submissions?

VAT Arrears

 Are you facing any of these actions?

 HMRC collections department pressure

Harassing calls from HMRC both at home and at work?

Threats of winding up orders?

Possible distrait measures?

Talk of bankruptcy petition?

Action through the county court?

How to get help

Help is just a phone call or short form fill away. Our tax debt advisor’s are waiting for your call today.

As we said before over half of all bankruptcy petitions issued in the UK are initiated by HMRC. If you are one of those being perused heavily for debts from agencies outside of HM Revenue and Customs, then our business debt and restructuring experts have the skills to deal with any creditor or set of creditors on your behalf, setting you free to look after your business and give it the push and attention it needs to succeed.